Holyport home 17th August (2ndXI)

Holyport home 17th August (2ndXI)

Saturday 17th August, Holyport (home)

Holyport 148-8 off 50 (T Bradford 3-13 D Graham 3-35)
PTGCC 152-1 off 19 (D Graham 79* T Bradford 49*)
Them 2 points
Us 29 points

A view from Stephen J Powell….

A good toss to lose this one, so Junior Mason obliged by doing just that, which gave their captain a difficult decision – start with 9 in the field and take advantage of any early movement, or bat and have a bit of a go at it. Well, he chose to bat and then decided not to have a go at it. However, this slow start was entirely down to the excellent opening spell from Daniel Graham and Stephen Powell. Graham bowled probably his best spell of the season, and quite possibly one of his finest ever. Nothing down the legside at all (I’ll type that again in case you think that’s not true) Nothing down the legside at all J

Powell bowled almost as well, but struggled with the two left handers – producing several delivers in each over that would have been un-playable to a right hander, but were simply un-hittable to the lefties. Despite this, the bat was beaten and the edge found often enough from both ends to set the tone for the opening 30 overs which went for just 78 runs. Grahams’ first two wickets were too good, as both batsmen looked to have had played the perfect forward defensive shot, only to have the top of off stump pegged back. Reminiscent of Mike Caidan who regularly played a text book defensive shot down completely the wrong line. It was funny then and still makes me smile at the thought of it now. “That was a great ball!” No Mrs C, you just missed it. Shower gel’s in the end pocket old boy.

Anyway, I digress. After 10 overs they were 9-0. Not what you’d call a flier. Powell picked up a wicket in the 16th over thanks to a very sharp catch from Chris Mason (the older, better one) at short mid wicket. Great catch, and annoyingly, great captaincy from Junior Mason with the field setting – or maybe he wanted his brother in the firing line for a leg stump half volley. Graham followed up with those two rippers in his 9th and tenth overs and then took his third with the second ball of his 15th over. Wonderful spell, ending up with 3 for 36. Powell also bowled his 15 overs straight through and finished with tidy numbers too with 1 for 35. Follow that Carpenter and Jeff!!

JC did follow that and kept the pressure on nicely, regularly beating the bat as he bowled with decent pace and a good line. Picking up a wicket in his second over. After 6 overs he had only gone for 9 runs. At this point, having lost 2 overs to rain, someone from their balcony kindly shouted “Only got 7 overs left…get on with it!” JC’s 7th over went for 12. Good spell mate – and it was with 1-21 off 7.

Jeff bowled ok but without much luck and for the first time since July 1994 ended up wicketless. Tidy enough though with none for 35 off 10. With JC being taken off, queue the arrival of our newest player – Toby Bradford. Bradfords first ball was banged in, not on purpose, I think it was just a big fat wide pie, but the batsman’s eyes lit up like that massive Norwegian Christmas tree we get every year in Trafalgar Square. All he could do was tickle it through to S Mason behind the stumps. He took a wicket with the last ball of the over as well and Bradfords’ figures read 2 for 2 off 1. Another wicket in his 2nd over and that was it. 148 for 8 off their allotted 50. Could be a tricky total to chase though on a pitch that had had a bit of rain and with the threat of more to come.

Not a chance! After another magnificent tea from Hilary Coleman (I tucked into cheese and pickle mostly, along with cocktail sausages and of course a huge slice of sponge cake) and we were soon ready to all get padded up and wait for the inevitable 25 for 4 start. It never happened as C Mason and D Graham opened up. Mason looking assured as ever and untroubled as he reached 30, until he got a good ball from their opener. Graham taking a few risks but also batting well enough. There was some thought that he was dropped 5 times but that’s a slight exaggeration as I think it was only 3 times, unless you count the serial juggle at gully as one drop. One had to feel sorry for him.

Bradford came in at number 3 and along with Graham hit the ball well enough. The run rate was decent but not spectacular until 3 overs suddenly went for over 50!! That pretty much sealed it really as both batters sent a series of 6’s into the gardens and the tress towards the fields – great to watch and it was job done in 19 overs.

SJP (That’s Stephen James Powell, not Sarah Jessica Parker)