Gerrards Cross CC Sunday 23rd June 2013

Sunday 13th June, Penn Street CC

Result: Lost by more runs than I care to think about.

Steve Coleman
Steve Powell
Conor Latta
Martin Lancaster
Jeff Morris
Jonny Carpenter
Samuel Parry
Elliot Scott (wk, overs 1-27)
Toby Rogers
Ian Bannister
Richard O’Hagan (capt, wk for overs 28-40)

A view from The Skipper…

I’m writing this whilst the pain is still fresh, if only so that I don’t have to go through it all again at a later date. The easy runs given away. The easy wickets given away. The chance not taken. The dodgy umpiring decisions. They all add up. They all hurt.

But enough about England choking like a dinner date with Charles Saatchi and on to this Sunday’s game.

In which we were bludgeoned like defenceless baby seals on a Canadian ice floe. Up against a much bigger club – who were fielding one of their two pro players – it didn’t help that our bowling attack had a collective off day and that we clearly caught Lady Luck at the wrong time of the month, too.

When Messrs Morris and Powell go for a collective 0-136 you know you’ve been up against a lot of good batting and no good fortune. Jeff was denied a clear caught behind by an umpiring howler, several leading edges fell just out of reach of fielders and both Gerrards Cross openers retired out with fortunate hundreds to their names.

Let us focus on some positives, though. Bannerman played his first game in almost a year and ended up with the most economical bowling figures of anyone. Jeff made another score of over 30. Conor batted better than I have ever seen him. Young Toby Rogers had a fine debut in the field, and between them the two wicketkeepers managed to avoid conceding any byes.

At the end of the day, we have to be realistic about games such as these. We are a small village side. They are a much bigger club with far greater resources (almost infinitely greater if they can afford two overseas players). We have two Saturday sides who are doing very well and who are, really, punching above their weight. But with all of our best players committed to Saturday and only three or four able to double up and play Sunday we will always struggle in a game like this. The big positive, therefore, is that our heads never went down, we kept on battling until the end and we didn’t let them bowl us out. I spent a part of this game wondering if I wanted to carry on as captain of this team, but then I realised how proud I was to be on the same team as the other ten players out there. We gave it our best shot. We came up short. But we never gave up trying.

Until next time,