My Club – Ian Newton

On the whole, I believe that people who play cricket are decent folk. There are exceptions of course but our great game is generally in good hands. This is certainly true of Penn & Tyler’s Green CC.

Having moved to the area just over two years ago, I contacted a few clubs about playing. Luckily for me, Steve “Steady” Coleman called back and the rest is history. I have played on and off for two seasons now and have enjoyed my cricket here more than at any of the clubs I have played for.

“What standard do you play?” is an oft heard question from work colleagues and friends. “That’s a nice ground, you must play a pretty good standard.” is a comment I have not confirmed or denied. In reality, I am rubbish at cricket, happy to chip in with the odd wicket here and there but a role is usually found for everyone and you feel part of the team. There is league cricket on Saturdays and “friendly” cricket on Sundays.

A fortnight before this season began, my daughter was born. (Rubbish timing, like my batting. In fact this spiel is my biggest contribution rather than any with bat or ball this season!) And so I have not been down to the club much this season. The thing about PTGCC is that, even from a distance, I have very much still felt part of the club. A club that is integral to its community. When I have been down there this year, it’s like catching up with old (and young) friends.

I did, however, have four catches dropped off my bowling at Taplow last season… but I won’t hold that against anybody! (EDITOR: Ian, after two seasons you should have learnt not to rely on anyone at PTGCC holding on to the ball, bowl at the stumps man!)