My Club – Brad Hyde

I joined P&TGCC in 2002 having played town cricket for some years. The move to village cricket was not an easy one to make. However knowing many of the guys here I gave it a go. The on field attraction was to play some nice friendly cricket on village grounds I didn’t know even existed. Off the field I found their drinking abilities to be of a very high standard! Brilliant in fact.

To have such facilities at their disposal like a bar / social club that is open throughout the whole year is the envy of the league clubs we play against. Penn and Tylers are a fantastic club with some wonderful and committed members. The colts section has over the years been the main supply to the club for players but I know the players like myself who have not grown up in the local area are welcomed with open arms and made to feel a valued part of the club.

I am already looking forward to taking my son up in the coming years to learn his cricket here. Whether I take my daughter who is looking like she will be a 6ft blonde with blue eyes is a bridge I will cross at a later date.

Needless to say though there is no friendlier club to my knowledge in the surrounding area with as much to offer as P&TGCC Come and see for yourself.