My Club – Andy ‘Gromit’ Francis

It sounds ridiculous but I’ve been a member of this cricket club for nearly 30 years. I first registered to be a colt when I was 4 years old thinking I was going to be the next Ian Botham (for the younger members of the club he hasn’t always been a pundit on Sky TV!)

Clearly I never became another Botham, not even close but I like to think I enjoy my cricket just as much as he did. That enjoyment comes largely from the guys I play with and the club I play for. Whether we win, lose or draw, we always try to enjoy it. Players come and players go but the team spirit hasn’t changed much in my time at the club.

My memories of success on the pitch are limited of course, although captaining the club to league and cup double in 2004 has to be a highlight. Easier to remember are dropped catches, being hit for 6 many times, the huge amout of byes I have conceeded and taking 4 years to get used to keeping to my brother (I was playing for the spin you see).

When I think back on all the games I have played for the club it reminds me of the captains I played under, Steady, TB, Mrs C, Jimus, Hood, Hollywood, Senior, Mushtaq, Barbs and Smuth. There really have been some ridiculous nicknames banded about over the years. None more ridiculous than Gromit, I have absolutely no idea why I was called that, still it stuck so I have to live with it.

Can’t think back of my time at the club without remembering club presidents Oliver Millar and Alan Sturgess, both long time supporters of the club in every sense, both sadly missed.

Anyone looking for a decent club to play for could do a lot worse than Penn & Tylers Green, my club.